Marble & Tile Polishing

Marble & Tile Polishing

We provide quality marble cleaning and polishing services,  we are, a leading floor cleaning services provider in UAE.

We specialize exclusively in natural stone maintenance and restoration in residential and commercial properties. Top Hand Cleaning Services has the expertise and the products to get the job done right.

Our service technicians are highly trained and experienced in marble, granite, travertine, saturnia, limestone, slate, coral stone and more.


The deepest form of floor cleaning for tiled flooring (be it marble, granite, homogeneous or ceramic tiles) will be to polish the tiles with the correct chemicals and professional polishing equipment. Most polishing works can be completed within a day to minimise inconvenience for your family or staff.


Honing is an essential process of restoring marble floors with the use of diamond encrusted pads to scratch the marble surface. This process helps to remove unwanted marks and accumulated scratches, resulting in a polished marble surface that brightens up the home and lifts everyone’s spirits.

Our Processes include:

– Grinding & sanding the existing floors to raw surface condition

– Filling of any gaps between tiles

– Restoration of shine to all tiled surfaces

– Varnish application

Please contact us to arrange for a site visit to allow us to assess the job requirements.

Rates quoted are inclusive of all polishing tools, equipment, solutions and supplies.

We are always happy to speak to you about your project and floor polishing needs. We work closely with home and building owners, property managers, and real estate agents to quickly and effectively resolve your building and project floor grinding, varnishing and polishing needs and maintenance.

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