Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning

We provide high quality swimming pool cleaning services in UAE.

Our team of professionals ensure that the service offered is up to the mark and accurate.

Our Processes include:

  1. Skim the pool surface
  2. Brush around the pool
  3. Vacuum the bottom of the pool
  4. Clean the pool filter
  5. Add chlorine tablets

Skim the pool surface

If pool is slightly dirty then we skim its surface with a flat skimmer net. we remove any foreign solids, leaves, and other foliage that may have fallen into pool.

Brush around the pool

Once the surface is clear of debris, it’s time to clean the sides, floors, stairs, and ladders with pool brush. We Extend telescopic pole as needed in order for us to brush hard-to-reach areas and use some force to remove grime.

Vacuum the bottom of the pool

We vacuum the bottom of the pool to get rid of debris by vacuuming the pool floor—This can be done once a week, so remember to always vacuum after you brush.

Clean the pool filter

Once pool looks clean and dirt-free, we check pool filter. We remove any debris, grime, and other build-up that may be clogging the filter.

Test the water’s pH level

Once we are sure that there are no solid materials that could be making pool dirty, it’s time to test the pH level of your pool. we apply the pH increaser or reducer as needed to bring pool to the proper pH range. We can do this at least three times a week to make sure that your pool is always safe to use.

Add chlorine tablets

Finally, add chlorine tablets to sanitize the pool. A 3-inch chlorine tablet is designed to dissolve within seven days in order to sanitize a 7,500 to 10,000 gallon of pool water

Please contact us to arrange for a site visit to allow us to assess the job requirements.

We are always happy to speak to you about your swimming pool project.

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